Every girls secret confessions

We all have secret confessions whether we like to admit it or not.  We’re not all perfect and we all have our little quirks but that’s what makes us unique and what makes us human isn’t it? So here are just a few things that I’m owning up to #confessiontime

To get that perfect selfie there were 10 billion pre-selfies that just didn’t quite make the mark beforehand but you’ll still keep the pre-selfies on your phone anyway until Apple decide to tell you that your storage is almost full (which will be pretty soon no doubt). So this…

Equals this…


Oh and speaking of selfies, we all love a good snapchat selfie especially that special front-face selfie face when you first open the app. Come on everyone’s done it once in their life but you daren’t post it to your story, only your closest and more importantly most trusted are blessed with this photo. Mine was taken secretly at the hairdressers…


We love carbs! πŸ•πŸ”πŸŸThey are a simply a must especially around that time of the month if ya get me (but obvs in moderation). We all love a good pizza or sweet treat from time to time and sometimes its just needed and anyway Ben and Jerry’s would be out of business if it wasn’t for us! So those peeps who claim they never eat carbs… pshhht please why ya lying for??


Come winter time there ain’t no need for leggings because we got a natural remedy for warmth… the growth of leg hair. Now this is something that is forbidden in the summer months but ahh winter is a bit more lenient because who’s gonna see those pale pins anyway. Embrace your inner wooly mammoth!


Us girls we love to work out and get toning butttttt in reality working out ain’t glamorous and so it shouldn’t be. You’re there to sweat and feel the burn, not prance around with a full face of makeup on and show off your cute gym wear. So those instagram glam workout girls you see barely breaking one sweat drop are far from the real deal. Demonstration from moi is below…

A girls fav outfit is her PJ’s or sweatpants or both in my case. As soon as I get home its daggy time! I don’t see the point in lounging around in jeans and anyway can’t really call that lounging or relaxing when your jeans are digging into your recent food baby. Oh and it gets better when you’re able to finally take your bra off and set them free, now thats when comfort is taken to a whole new level. But if you prefer not to commit to the whole shebang then a sports bra/uni-boob bra is also another fav (now I don’t mean the sports bras you wear for maximum support whilst running, more like the cotton, non wired bad boys).

Talking of clothing, another confession is undewear. Now many guys have mispreconceptions about womens underwear, assuming that we  always wear  dainty matching lingerie, lace, sheer and often not much there (which does not reflect the cost I must add). But I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news here guys… this just ain’t true. Us girls are secretly very fond of our super comfortable super ugly granny pants because A they hold you in and B they’re just too damn comfortable to resist. Every girl owns Bridget Jones style underwear whether they like to admit it or not and if you do manage to wear matching pretty lingerie every day then I bow down to you πŸ‘

This is sort of a general one but every girl has pretended to be on their phone to prevent looking like a loner in public. You witness yourself endlessly scrolling on Instagram in the hope that people will buy your desperate attempt to look preoccupied. It’s alright girl I’ll pretend with you. 

Girls are experts at social media stalking. Now this is something that few girls will ever admit in fear of looking like a right stalker. So if you’re friend spills the beans that they are seeing someone then you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll know everything about him in about 5 minutes of intensive social media stalking (SMS syndrome). Some people may have a problem with this but doing a background check is just not feesable so this is the next best thing. There’s nothing wrong with looking out for ya girl πŸ˜‰

Now this one I admit is a little hard to fess up to but once in a girls life you have either tried to sing or recorded yourself singing to see if you sound any good. I remember doing this when I was little and even trying to make my own songs up. I blame this on my love of singstar on ps2. Sorry there’s no video proof but trust me there’s a reason for that. I definitely don’t have a singing career ahead of me. I can also say that I don’t have a future dancing career either despite dancing around my bedroom shaking my booty in the mirror when no one else is around. Whether you dance in your bedroom, dance while hoovering or dance while doing the dishes every girl has had a good shake about and let loose every now and then. 

If you relate to any of these confessions then I’d love for you to comment. Some of them are slightly embarrassing and yes it’s not easy to admit but at the end of the day you’ve got to Be True Be You. 


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