The truth about Instagram photos

So you’re trawling through your Instagram feed looking at all these photos of beautiful women who evidently go to the gym, eat healthily and have natural glowing skin to match their perfectly shaped body. If you’re an Instagram addict like me then you’ll know the kind of girls I’m talking about. We all, once in our lives, have aspired to be like them but I’m here to tell you today that not all of what you see is true. In today’s society its so easy to manipulate photos with the magical help of airbrushing and effects. So that perfectly smooth baby bum skin may just be the works of a expert photoshopper with a hint of wizardry in the form of an app. Personally I was shocked to see what you could actually do on these apps from changing the shape of your face to your whole friggin body. That just ain’t right and more importantly that just ain’t you. Not sticking to my moto, Be true Be you, I’ll tell you that right now. Also what I find with all these Instagramers is that they really know how to pose to accentuate their assets if ya know what I’m saying. So I decided to have a go at all this professional Instagram photo stuff and it was quite interesting I must say but I’ll let you be the judge…

First up is the dreaded straight on photo which isn’t particularly my most flattering angle but by just making minor body movements, i.e. pushing my hips to the side and my bum out slightly, I wouldn’t say its 100 times better but I’d probably say its 80% better as it actually looks like I have a figure rather than just thick thighs (which I love and am very proud of don’t get me wrong, they just don’t need to be the centre of attention all the time). Also notice that by taking the photo from further away my body looks more in proportion and elongated which is always a good thing.

Now lets get to the be-hind area, my favourite but also most dreaded area when taking photos. One thing you have to remember when you have a big bum is that you gotta know its shape and learn how to work it. Here is a classic example in figure hugging jeans that are a godsend as well as nightmare. As you can see from the photos, the relaxed position on the left does nothing for my figure and actually makes my bum look rather strange, plus look at all those lines on my jeans! Compared to the right one where I’ve again stuck my booty out and placed my hand on my thigh to accentuate my curves. Also by sticking that booty out you can actually see my waist HALLELUJAH! I’ve gone from pancake to peachy in a matter of one position change.

Next I tried taking photos in a bodycon dress. Now this is something that all us curvy girls absolutely love but its just so hard to find one that doesn’t ride up as soon as you start walking. They also can be a bit tricky when it comes to taking photos as there’s no hiding in them I’ll tell you that. I must admit this one isn’t too bad but by slightly adjusting my hip position to the side and crossing my legs I feel it elongates my figure and gives me more of a shape.

The be-hind shot is a little different. As you can see from the left photo my butt looks a little spread out and isn’t able to shine like it is in the right photo. All you gotta do is tilt those hips to the side and push that booty out and BOOM bigger butt smaller waist. Also you can see that the right photo is a much closer shot than the left and yes that’s deliberate cuz you wanna give that booty the centre stage it deserves, especially in a bodycon dress.

Then the real business began when I started playing around with airbrushing. I can honestly say that I will now cautiously look at Instagram photos knowing what people have access to and what they can do with those things. So this is my attempt at airbushing…

I know its not a mega drastic change but you can see that my skin is baby bum soft approved, I now have mascara, my eyes are brighter and my lips are soft pink. I much prefer the left one with no filters, nothing if you ask me.

And then it gets worse when you can change the shape of your body. Now this is something that I am totally against. It may only be a minor difference as my legs look slimmer and my waist looks smaller but that’s just not me. Why pretend to be someone that you’re not just for some likes on Instagram? People should like you for who you are and not what you pretend to be as you can’t keep pretending your whole entire life. You’ve just got to embrace you for you and remember always Be True Be You.



Quick mini workout: Arms, Legs and Booty

So its nearing the end of January now, a time when the new years resolutions start to dwindle and motivation starts to slide a little, especially since its bloomin freezing outside. But I’m not going to let these dark nights and freezing cold days where you can actually see your own breath defeat me because I’m determined to stay motivated and most importantly stay active not just for the summer beach days but also for my health as well. So today I just wanted to share with you one of my quick mini workouts at the gym. I’m no fitness expert by any means but from researching online and watching my youtube fitness videos I’ve been able to find some workouts that suit me. This workout is especially good if you want to workout and feel the burn but you ain’t got much time on your hands as it takes roughly half an hour. There is no cardio in this workout because I literally can’t think of anything worse than running on the treadmill at the gym. I find it soooo boring so instead I aim to tone at the gym and leave the running for outside, plus its good to get some fresh air. In each of these workout moves I do 3 sets of 10 reps with a 30 second rest in between to let those muscles breath girrrrl. Anyway let’s get on with the workout…

Also I must point out that these videos were taken with Boomerang which speeds the videos up so it may look like I’m finding it rather easy but trust me I was shaking by the third set or reps.

Standing shoulder press using 6kg  dumbbells 3 x 10 reps 

Standing bicep curls using 6kg dumbbells 3 x 10 reps 

​Standing side lateral raises using 5kg dumbbells 3 x 10 reps 

Standing front lateral raises using 5kg dumbbells 3 x 10 reps 

Standing tricep extensions using 8kg dumbbells 3 x 10 reps 

Squats with 17.5kg bar 3 x 10 reps 

Leg press with weight 52kg 3 x 10 reps

Then at the end of each set of reps I’ll do 10 mini quick mini pulses which really makes you feel the burnnnn 🔥

​​Then to get those legs working even more I’ll do a 2 minute wall sit

And finally do end the workout I’ll do a 2 minute plank overall but every 30 seconds I’ll change sides so first 30 seconds is on my front then my left side etc…

Oh and here’s a little before and after shot of my run today. I so didn’t want to go but I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself that I’m going no matter what (I actually did that, Maybe a little sad but it worked!) 

So that’s just a little inside into one of my workout routines. As I said earlier I am no fitness expert but I’ve just found a routine that works for me. The most important thing is to do what works for you and remember Be True Be You. 

Every girls secret confessions

We all have secret confessions whether we like to admit it or not.  We’re not all perfect and we all have our little quirks but that’s what makes us unique and what makes us human isn’t it? So here are just a few things that I’m owning up to #confessiontime

To get that perfect selfie there were 10 billion pre-selfies that just didn’t quite make the mark beforehand but you’ll still keep the pre-selfies on your phone anyway until Apple decide to tell you that your storage is almost full (which will be pretty soon no doubt). So this…

Equals this…


Oh and speaking of selfies, we all love a good snapchat selfie especially that special front-face selfie face when you first open the app. Come on everyone’s done it once in their life but you daren’t post it to your story, only your closest and more importantly most trusted are blessed with this photo. Mine was taken secretly at the hairdressers…


We love carbs! 🍕🍔🍟They are a simply a must especially around that time of the month if ya get me (but obvs in moderation). We all love a good pizza or sweet treat from time to time and sometimes its just needed and anyway Ben and Jerry’s would be out of business if it wasn’t for us! So those peeps who claim they never eat carbs… pshhht please why ya lying for??


Come winter time there ain’t no need for leggings because we got a natural remedy for warmth… the growth of leg hair. Now this is something that is forbidden in the summer months but ahh winter is a bit more lenient because who’s gonna see those pale pins anyway. Embrace your inner wooly mammoth!


Us girls we love to work out and get toning butttttt in reality working out ain’t glamorous and so it shouldn’t be. You’re there to sweat and feel the burn, not prance around with a full face of makeup on and show off your cute gym wear. So those instagram glam workout girls you see barely breaking one sweat drop are far from the real deal. Demonstration from moi is below…

A girls fav outfit is her PJ’s or sweatpants or both in my case. As soon as I get home its daggy time! I don’t see the point in lounging around in jeans and anyway can’t really call that lounging or relaxing when your jeans are digging into your recent food baby. Oh and it gets better when you’re able to finally take your bra off and set them free, now thats when comfort is taken to a whole new level. But if you prefer not to commit to the whole shebang then a sports bra/uni-boob bra is also another fav (now I don’t mean the sports bras you wear for maximum support whilst running, more like the cotton, non wired bad boys).

Talking of clothing, another confession is undewear. Now many guys have mispreconceptions about womens underwear, assuming that we  always wear  dainty matching lingerie, lace, sheer and often not much there (which does not reflect the cost I must add). But I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news here guys… this just ain’t true. Us girls are secretly very fond of our super comfortable super ugly granny pants because A they hold you in and B they’re just too damn comfortable to resist. Every girl owns Bridget Jones style underwear whether they like to admit it or not and if you do manage to wear matching pretty lingerie every day then I bow down to you 👏

This is sort of a general one but every girl has pretended to be on their phone to prevent looking like a loner in public. You witness yourself endlessly scrolling on Instagram in the hope that people will buy your desperate attempt to look preoccupied. It’s alright girl I’ll pretend with you. 

Girls are experts at social media stalking. Now this is something that few girls will ever admit in fear of looking like a right stalker. So if you’re friend spills the beans that they are seeing someone then you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll know everything about him in about 5 minutes of intensive social media stalking (SMS syndrome). Some people may have a problem with this but doing a background check is just not feesable so this is the next best thing. There’s nothing wrong with looking out for ya girl 😉

Now this one I admit is a little hard to fess up to but once in a girls life you have either tried to sing or recorded yourself singing to see if you sound any good. I remember doing this when I was little and even trying to make my own songs up. I blame this on my love of singstar on ps2. Sorry there’s no video proof but trust me there’s a reason for that. I definitely don’t have a singing career ahead of me. I can also say that I don’t have a future dancing career either despite dancing around my bedroom shaking my booty in the mirror when no one else is around. Whether you dance in your bedroom, dance while hoovering or dance while doing the dishes every girl has had a good shake about and let loose every now and then. 

If you relate to any of these confessions then I’d love for you to comment. Some of them are slightly embarrassing and yes it’s not easy to admit but at the end of the day you’ve got to Be True Be You. 

Proof that size means nothing

So the other day I ventured out in the hope of finding some jeans, oh yes I know what you’re thinking the dreaded jeans shop. This always proves a challenge for me due to my wide hips, fairly sized booty but smaller waist because retailers simply don’t cater for this type of shape and I can’t afford tailored prices as my student loan doesn’t stretch that far. I didn’t end up buying any jeans in the end because I just wanted to scope out what retailers had to offer, but I came to the conclusion that A you always have to try jeans on even if they look like they’re going to fit and B size means nothing and you should just buy what fits you and feels comfortable. I went into three mainstream high street stores, New Look, H&M and Topshop tried on 5 different pairs of jeans in different styles and sizes to see what actually suited my body shape and if there is such a thing as a consistent size.

My first stop was New Look and from my previous buying experience at New Look I thought I was in with a good shot… I was so very wrong. First jeans I tried on were just your ordinary skinny jeans in a size 14 and even though they may look like they fit because lets face it they’re on and the button is fastened, these are not the most flattering and definitely not the most comfortable of jeans. My main issue with these jeans was the sagging crotch which would definitely allow my mermaid thighs to rub and cause every girls worst nightmare, chaffage! Now they aren’t supposed to be high waisted so why the long crotch area New Look? They are girls jeans not boys jeans.

Even though the previous pair didn’t suit me at all I decided to try on the size 12 in exactly the same style because ahhh what the heck we all deserve a good laugh every now and then. Here are the results…

I couldn’t even get the damn things on properly (despite owning a pair of size 12 cropped trousers from New Look… mmmm something tells me theres something wrong with the sizing here). So its safe to say these were a no go in both sizes, what a surprise there.

Next pair I tried on were Mom jeans which I absolutely love but find it especially hard to get a pair that actually fit my body shape and feel comfortable. The one thing I find with Mom jeans is that the denim isn’t very stretchy at all and this just doesn’t mix well with my mermaid thighs who need a little extra stretch when sitting down and moving around if ya know what I mean. Despite successfully getting these jeans on the same problem occurred with the crotch area being too long and more importantly my booty felt like it was being strangled. So a no go once again.

On to another pair, these jeans are from the Hallie range at New look which are disco style but like the other pair of size 12 jeans I couldn’t get these done up. Now you’re probably thinking well thats because you need the next size up duhhh, but I just want to show the variant in sizes across shops. It will all make sense by the end I promise.

And lastly these high rise jeans ain’t no high rise jeans on me.

I think it’s safe to say that size 12 jeans in New Look are a definite no no for me and size 14 isn’t much better either. Despite the fact that I own size 12 cropped trousers from New Look which fit perfectly and are my go to trousers on a night out (picture below)…


Next stop was H&M and it’s safe to say I was a little apprehensive with the way things would pan out in this shop as their sizing is weirdly arranged and written and is often not true to size either.

I was very intrigued to try the first pair on as they are the body shaping jeans that should hopefully smooth and accentuate my features. For me it was sort of a bitter sweet with these jeans as yes they were lovely and comfortable and did actually help to accentuate my body shape, but the waist was too big (you can’t tell in these photos but its the sort of thing when I sit down the trousers would be dragged down by my booty). These were a size 31 that I believe is a size 14 which explains the waist baggage (plus its a regular waist), but I just know that the size 30 would’ve been too tight around the junk in the trunk area and I can’t deal with taking off your trousers at the end of the day and being left with red marks where the stitching has dug in any longer.

Then I tried the next size up in the same style just to scope out H&M’s consistency with sizing, plus they didn’t have any size 30’s on the rack, and in the end I actually really liked this style of jeans but as suspected the waist was too big. I have to say that these body shaping jeans do actually work but my only drawback with them is the regular waist as I would prefer a higher waist to draw attention away from the largest part of my body, sorry booty it just ain’t your time to shine.

But hold on then I tried a size 16 in these super skinny high waisted jeans and I have to say I don’t know what H&M think is a size 16 but it sure ain’t no size 16 I’ve ever come across before. These weren’t a real size 16 or high waisted and if anything the long crotch problem made an appearance again.

Oh and then I decided to try on some jeggings, cross between leggings and jeans, which sounds like my kind of thang right there. I tried on a size 31 with my booty and mermaid thighs in mind but of course the waist was way too big despite claiming to be high waisted. Just because I got big hips doesn’t mean I got a big waist to match! 

And finally just for the fun of it I tried on a size 12 super skinny high waisted jeans and would you believe it I couldn’t get them past my mermaid thighs again… what a shocker!


Last and final stop was possibly the most mainstream, expensive but my guilty pleasure high street store… Topshop. Now from what I’ve been told and from my previous experience I believe Topshop have a fairly good reputation with their jeans, the only thing that stops you from buying them is their extortionate high street prices which seem to be ever increasing. Topshop I’m sorry to be a Debby downer but you ain’t no designer shop, your customers don’t have trust funds ya know. Anyway on to the first pair I tried on which were the Mom jeans from the Tall section. I mean you can’t really call it a Tall section, more like a Tall corner as Topshop along with many other high street stores don’t seem to offer many Tall clothing options… thank goodness ankle swingers have made a comeback! Back to the Mom jeans, I mean they fitted but I had the same problem again with the long crotch and strangling booty situation… it just ain’t on.

Next pair were my fav pair of jeans, the Jamie jeans from the Tall section (corner) again. Not only did these jeans actually fit my waist FINALLY but if I do say so myself they accentuated a certain main feature of mine… my booty. They were stretchy and comfortable and were actually long enough, definitely my kind of jeans. If I had enough money they would be in my wardrobe right now!

So after a high with the Jamie jeans I thought I was on to an even bigger win with the Joni/disco pant style jeans as I’ve seen and read loads of good reviews on these style of jeans especially for bootylicious mermaid thigh fashionistas like moi but as you can see below this excitement was short-lived. They’re hideous! They make my body look like a weird dumpling dough ball and trust me I have nothing against dough balls as I like eating them but would rather not look like one if I’m honest. Also ya know another thing I constantly find with high waisted jeans is that they’ll go further up in the front compared to the back so I’m constantly having to pull them up to feel equal, damn you large booty!

Now you might be thinking why are you trying on exactly the same Mom jeans… but I’m not exactly as there’s a slight difference because these ones are just from the standard range and not the Tall section (corner) this time. Why? Well I just wanted to see if there was any difference in sizing apart from the obvious length difference. And its safe to say that there was no difference in fit as once again I experienced saggy crotch and strangling booty syndrome. I think I’m gonna have to give up with Mom jeans at this point and hold onto my current ones that are the only ones that actually fit me.

And finally the last pair of jeans… if you’ve made it this far in the post then I thank you so much because I know this is a rather lengthy piece. Last pair I tried on were the Leigh jeans and oh my goodness what did they do to my booty?! It looks so squished and very uncomfortable, plus as soon as I sit down I just know my trousers would be creeping down with me.

So all in all I’ve learnt that New Look is not the place to shop for jeans and H&M and Topshop are a lil bit iffy but the Jamie jeans from Topshop were a definite winner, if you have £45 to spare anyway. Now I could say the lack of jeans that actually fitted me is just down to my body shape but why should I? Why should I be made to feel like I’m not ‘normal’ and what even is ‘normal’ anyway? Who decided that this is going to be a size 12, size 14 and so on? If we all stopped worrying so much about a silly little number that doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t define you in anyway way then we could all focus on wearing things that actually fit us and ultimately feel comfortable and confident inside and out. As you can see from this post just because I can get something on and button it up doesn’t mean it’s right for my body shape or more importantly doesn’t mean its automatically comfortable. Sizing means nothing nowadays as it varies so much from shop to shop, plus there are so many other factors  to consider like the material it’s made out of, the elasticity etc … You’ve just got to get to know you’re body and what works for you and remember to always Be True Be You.

Christmas favs

With the aftermath of Christmas gift giving and the January sales its safe to say we all probably have a few more additions in our lives whether that be clothes, homeware or that random stuff that doesn’t really belong to a specific category other than random. Today I just wanted to share with you a few of my fav random things that I’m obsessed with at the moment. I’d love to hear from you guys as well so comment down below and tell me your fav new additions.

First up is this really cute dish which could be used for anything really but I use it to lay my chokers on to stop them from getting tangled, plus stop me from losing them. I love the fact it has my initial printed on it and its rose gold and I frigging love rose gold!

Since we’re on the topic of chokers, these are my new fav chokers both from Topshop. As you can see the one on the left is of course rose gold and the one on the right is my birth stone (Gemini). I’m obsessed with any kind of choker because not only can they accentuate your top half by drawing your attention to your neck but they can also turn an ordinary outfit into a WOW outfit.

These two items prove rather handy in the health and fitness domain. The water bottle is great for staying hydrated (obviously) but more importantly is just oh so fabulous with its sassy pink colour and fruit infusing abilities so you can jazz up that bog standard water. As for the diary on the right, which everyone has got to have from their Grandparents at Christmas at some point in their lives, it’s actually very handy for planning and keeping a track of exercise routines, meal prep and generally just getting my life together. Now I know I say this every year but I’m actually determined to use this diary for once and not just let it sit there until next year when its winds up in the same fate as all the others, still all blank pages in the recycling bin.

If you know me then you know I absolutely frigging love Koala bears so these pjs are right up my street. They’re from Boux Avenue and you know what I’ve never actually purchased anything from there before but I may have to now as these are probably the softest,comfiest and cutest pjs ever. I would highly recommend these pjs especially if you’re a koala lover like me.

On to more comfy stuff… now these slippers have me thinking I’m walking on clouds. What more could you want from slippers than cute little penguin fluffy ones. Although I must point out that these are to be worn with socks to avoid the fluffy toe look as gross as that sounds. So you know I love Koalas but I also love Unicorns which brings me to this spot the Unicorn t-shirt which is super comfy and is a cuter version of wheres wally.

As I love Unicorns this phone case just makes perfect sense. I also love the fact that this phone case is made out of that gel material which provides better grip and protection from those accidental drops on the floor when you’re body tenses up (like thats going to help the fall) and you slowly pick your phone up praying there isn’t a crack.

Now it truly wouldn’t be Christmas without some smellies/beauty items. I must say I am very impressed by the French Connection beauty range. I haven’t tried the self-heating face mask yet but it had me at self-heating and the smell of packaging. The body lotion is by far the best branded body lotion (and by branded I mean one that’s not specific for dry skin or anything like E45 or Vaseline). From the sweet smell to the smooth silky texture, I can tell I’m going to need to buy another one in the near future.


And lastly, possibly my fav item is my adidas trainers. Can you guess why I love them so much? Yep you guessed it, the rose gold heel. I wanted a pair of gym trainers that I can wear to workout in but also wear on a daily basis with a casual look. Some people may think this is gross to wear your gym trainers casually but I like to rock the sporty look every now and then, plus in a weird way it makes me more motivated to actually go to the gym especially if I’m already in my gym gear. No excuses then!