My many sizes 

So today I’m going to be sharing with you my size/ weight journey. It’s been a bit up and down to say the least but that’s what growing up is all about, its never easy. 

I was always a chubby little kid even from a baby. You might as well have called me michelin man Molly. Though there was less of a worry if I fell as that chub would definitely soften the blow.

So from a child it was evident that I wasn’t a skinny build. This chubbiness/ puppy fat ( which my mum liked to call it) continued right the way up until probably around my early teens which then I suppose the puppy fat is no longer classed as puppy fat and instead it’s just being plain ole fat. I suppose some of my chubbiness is down to my general build but it’s most likely due to my uncontrollable eating. I used to be an avid baker yet I must admit most of it was eaten by me that day, aka the fatness! 

So that was that and I just decided that one day I was going to do something about it finally. I was sick of being the ‘fat’ friend and my breaking point was probably when someone shouted “Molly hatch is FAT!” down the street. I didn’t diet as such, definitely not at the start as I found it really difficult but exercise was the thing that really worked for me, especially running. I used to run to the gym then workout/ do a class and then run back around 4-5 times a week! Exercising was and still is my therapy and a way to generally feel better about myself. Nothing like the release of those happy endorphins. In terms of eating it took me a while to grasp what I should be eating but in the end I mastered it and the solution was healthy eating. I say healthy because I used to and still do eat chocolate, as a girl can’t live without chocolate especially when that time of the month comes around, you know what I’m saying girls! So yeah healthy eating and exercise, what you’ve probably heard a million times before but there’s a reason for that because it really works. 

Now I would say that my body has plateaued, reached its happy place. I no longer gain or lose weight but my body has definitely changed in shape. Now I have hips, a booty and boobs. Oh and of course the booty comes with those mermaid thighs as it’s gotta be supported. For me this drastic change in shape from being a size 8/10 to a 12/14 was quite hard to deal with. I know I’m not massive but when you’ve experienced being a smaller size it’s hard to gain weight and be slightly fuller. Though I don’t see it as a bad thing anymore, I embrace my fullerness/ more womanly figure. It only took me about a year and a half but I’ve managed to love myself like every orher girl and boy should do no matter what they’re age or size. 

My ultimate goal now is to be healthy and fit. I’m sick and tired of trying to fit in with what society deems to be the most beautiful or glamorous. We are all beautiful and glamorous in our own way. Why should society’s opinion influence and more importantly dictate our lives. I am a massive culprit of worrying about what others think of me but now I give up. I’m not going to let society win. I’d say one of my biggest pet peeves due to society’s influence is when people buy clothes that don’t fit them or aren’t comfortable because that’s the size they usually are/ the size they want to be. Sizes don’t mean anything nowadays. You can be a size 10 in one shop and a size 14 in another. A recent experience of mine in Topshop trying on mom jeans proves this. Usually I’m a size 14 in jeans due to my wide hips, booty and mermaid thighs but I couldn’t even get the size 14 mom jeans over my thighs. Now this may be because mom jeans are made from rather stiff denim so don’t have much give in them but I have a pair of H&M mom jeans in a size 14 and they fit perfectly. So if there’s anything you take away from this blog is to definitely not trust sizing and go with the size that feels comfortable and fits you. If the size really bothers you then just cut the label out, that’s what I do and anyway who’s going to know what size it is, it’s not like it’s stitched on the front of your clothes like look at me I’m a size 14!! Anyway I’ll stop rambling… as you can see I’ve been many shapes and sizes and finally found my happy medium. I’m not embarrassed or afraid to say that I’m a size 12/14 and I have thick thighs and a bum anymore because that’s who I am. My ultimate goal is to be happy and feel confident. Be True Be You


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