Guess the Primark items

If anyone says they don’t own anything from Primark then they’re lying! Primark is notoriously cheap as chips, never failing to provide a bargain for all those bargain hunters. So today I just wanted to show you how I integrate a few of my fav Primark purchases into everyday looks. All you’ve got to do is guess which Primark items that I’m wearing in the looks below and all will be revealed at the bottom of the post so don’t look until you’ve seen them all, I know you’re tempted but have a guess first. Note in some looks there are more than one Primark item, see if you can guess which ones. Feel free to comment below if you got any of them right. Happy guessing!

Look 1

(Oh and if you haven’t read my previous blog post then explanation to the sunflower is again I couldn’t crop my plug socket out due to my swanky cowboyesk pose)

Look 2


Look 3

(Same plug socket issue again with the man on an old-fashioned uni cycle)

Look 4


Did you get any right? Lets see… answers are below.

Look 1 = Top and Shoes

Look 2 = Shoes

Look 3 = Coat (originally from Primark but I scouted this little beauty out at a charity shop for only £4, although many people have said I look like I’m in the navy with this military style coat)

Look 4 = Top


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