Integrate Summer into Winter

One of my key principles when buying clothes is versatility. I don’t know about you but for me buying something that you can wear in any season is so satisfying and not to mention good on the ole purse strings. You might not think you can wear that floral playsuit in winter but believe me oh yes you can with a little bit of know how. It’s all about pairing that summer item with winter classics, I’ll show you what I mean below…

As you can see this playsuit is rather floral but by pairing it with a black long top, tights and boots you not only keep yourself warm but also get away with wearing it in winter. Magic!

With this look I’ve basically shoved a jumper over the top of a rather floral dress converting it into a skirt (imposter!). This is another great trick to get more wear out of those staple pieces in your wardrobe.

Again here I’ve used the dress to skirt trick with a roll neck jumper. I am obsessed with anything roll neck/ turtle neck because not only do they elongate your top half but also keep your neck warm too, I’m all about that double usage!

(Oh and excuse the very visible dot in the middle of this photo, I may have accidentally touched the lense without realising… Oopsie)

You can even get away with wearing your fav culottes in winter by pairing them with you name it a roll neck top or for those less nippy days in Autumn you could wear a classic short sleeved tee underneath just to take the chill off.

Oh and my obsession with roll necks continues… So as you can see you can pretty much pair anything with a roll neck/turtle neck to convert a statement summery item of clothing into a wintery warming outfit. My advice… Invest in a roll neck/ turtle neck this winter, you definitely won’t regret it!

Guess the Primark items

If anyone says they don’t own anything from Primark then they’re lying! Primark is notoriously cheap as chips, never failing to provide a bargain for all those bargain hunters. So today I just wanted to show you how I integrate a few of my fav Primark purchases into everyday looks. All you’ve got to do is guess which Primark items that I’m wearing in the looks below and all will be revealed at the bottom of the post so don’t look until you’ve seen them all, I know you’re tempted but have a guess first. Note in some looks there are more than one Primark item, see if you can guess which ones. Feel free to comment below if you got any of them right. Happy guessing!

Look 1

(Oh and if you haven’t read my previous blog post then explanation to the sunflower is again I couldn’t crop my plug socket out due to my swanky cowboyesk pose)

Look 2


Look 3

(Same plug socket issue again with the man on an old-fashioned uni cycle)

Look 4


Did you get any right? Lets see… answers are below.

Look 1 = Top and Shoes

Look 2 = Shoes

Look 3 = Coat (originally from Primark but I scouted this little beauty out at a charity shop for only £4, although many people have said I look like I’m in the navy with this military style coat)

Look 4 = Top

Dressing for your shape

Dressing for your shape can be very hard, especially nowadays because let’s face it does anyone have a clue what size they are? I sure don’t! Retailers don’t want to make it easy for us, one minute they seem quite generous with their sizing (raising suspicions as everything seems too good to be true) and making you feel a little better about yourself, but others simply want to crush that little confidence you have left as you barely fit one thigh into that same size skirt you just bought from the generous shop. Been there done that and it ain’t pretty trust me. So with my body shape and sizing I can tell you that I’ve been a range of sizes and shapes, from a size 16/18 to a size 8/10 and now settling at a size 12/14. I know it may sound silly but I can tell you that accepting my body shape at a size 12/14 has been rather difficult for me as I was previously a lot slimmer and since going to university my body has changed drastically. I’ve now got hips, a bum and mermaid thighs which I should be proud of because thats what makes me ME and who cares if you got a little bit of extra junk in the trunk to hold onto, at least I know if I fall on my bum it might cushion the blow a little! So I’m just going to share with you some little tips on how I’ve found what works with my body shape and if you’re a bum, thigh heavy girl like me then you’re in the right place…

First look is the dreaded skirt. Now I say dreaded because when you’ve got a big bum and thighs skirts are a nightmare, from riding up when you walk to being too goddamn short altogether. So to get round this I have found a style which I would say is the most flattering, comfortable and practical of all skirts, being the A-line skirt. As you can see in the left photo, a body con skirt just isn’t flattering at all and too short for public appearances but in the right photo the A-line skirt brings me in at the waist then flows out in (would you believe it) an A shape to balance and proportionate my figure. Plus I’m really loving high neck tops to elongate my body which probably doesn’t need elongating more than it already is, nearing 5″10, but I love it anyways. Oh and explanation to the random unicorn is basically there was a plug socket that I couldn’t crop out so I thought why not stick a unicorn in there instead; professional I am not but real I am and all that.

Horrible skirt (left) is from new look size 6 and horrible top (left) from new look size 10. Nice skirt (right) is from primary size 12 and nice top (right) is from H&M size Large.

Look two is dresses. Ahhh dresses what a palaver these are to find. So when I was slightly slimmer I could literally shove anything on in any shape and it would look pretty decent but now my big bum has formed this is just a no no. The best advice here is length length length! Midi dresses are perfect for a bigger bum and thighs as you can conceal those bad boys up whilst also accentuating you’re shape believe it or not. I’ll show you what I mean below…


Horrible dress (left) is from new look size 12. Nice dress (right) is from Marks and Spencer size 12.

Even though the first picture doesn’t look too bad, you can tell from the second picture just how hideous this dress really is. It rides up when I walk, it’s too short and frankly it makes me look like a sack of striped potatoes! But if you take a look at the third picture my body is immediately elongated and appears slimmer which is all down to the amazing midi length. I can’t stress enough how much this type of dress flatters a bigger bummed figure, plus there are no issues with saggy tights which take you back to your three year old days again, as it’s long enough to get away with wearing no tights while still keeping warm in those winter months.

The third and final look are jeans. These were originally the hardest item of clothing to find for my shape as I just couldn’t find anything that would go past my mermaid thighs! So you can imagine how excited I was to find a style of jeans that actually fitted me, and of course me being me I’ve bought them in as my colours as I can (but not as many as I would like due to being a poor student). Without a doubt high waisted jeans are my best friend as they automatically draw your attention to the waist area which is significantly smaller than my bum/hips, plus they make you feel so much more secure by allowing you to hide that food baby when necessary until you get home to let it all loose. Also an extra tip is to do with coats. I find that the most flattering coats are the longer ones that cut me at the right place as a shorter coat that stops right on the bum would just maximise my assets more than I would want them to. I actually got this coat from the tall range (well I say got I mean my sister didn’t want it and of course I wasn’t going to turn down free clothes, especially from the all expensive Topshop) because me being of a slightly taller height the normal size coat cuts me off at the bum so if you’re the same as me I would highly recommend buying from the tall section, well from the little options available anyway. Oh and explanation for the random hand sticker is again the same plug socket that I couldn’t crop due to my thumbs up to show how happy these jeans make me.

Horrible jeans (left) are from H&M size 12 and horrible top (left) is from primark size 12. Nice jeans (right) are from Tesco F&F size 14, nice top (right) is from river island size 14 and coat is from Topshop size 12 in the tall range.

If you found this helpful in any way let me know in the comments and if you have any tips or advice on dressing for your shape I’m all ears. I’m pretty new to all this stuff so I’m no expert by any means but I’m eager to learn, grow and just have fun with it as I go along. I’m not going to pretend to be anything I’m not so what you see is all me, it may not be perfect but professional I am not, real I am.