I have a confession… I am a shoeaholic. I would say my collection exceeds 50 pairs split between uni and home as I physically can’t fit all my shoes in my room but I’ve tried my best! None of them are particularly fancy or expensive because let’s face it I’m a uni student, don’t need to be racking up that debt anymore. Anyway I’m going to share with you my 5 most recent purchases…

1. Good ole pair of Primark boots, black suede with gold strip on the heel – £15 bargain!

2. Sainsburys TU collection black suede knee high boots – £30 (but I ended up paying only £7 as there was a 25% off event and I used my nectar points #savvy)

Although I must confess that despite the promising look of comfort with a low block heel, oh did my poor little feet suffer. I won’t go into details but all I’ll say is that blister plasters were bought ASAP!

3. Topshop black lace up gold block heels – £15 in the sale, What a find!

I admit I got these in the size smaller than I usually get, because they were the only ones left and when I like I shoe I’ll make it fit, but despite the slight pinching of my little tootsies they fit like a glove. What I love most about these is the lace up element. I am obsessed with lace up shoes at the moment, and when I say obsessed I mean I’ve got around 7 pairs of them #sorrynotsorry

4. Cavalli black suede silver block heels -£30

Such a great height for the perfect going out shoe but first few outings gotta bring those plasters for the little tootsies. Don’t want no rubbing!

5. H&M white snakeskin ankle back trainer – £12.49

So I was looking at these bad boys for ages online and then suddenly they go into the sale so obviously there was no doubt about it… I was going to get them. These beauties are so comfy and as you can tell they’re pretty worn in (keeping them white is quite hard though).

… just thought I’d share this little photo with you. As I’m still a beginner and learning the tricks of the trade with blogging and taking photos I don’t have any fancy smancy equipment so to get the tongue of the shoe to sit up I had to stuff my shoe with whatever I could find to keep it upright… so I chose to stuff my shoes with a packet of tissues and two hair serum tubes. Professional I am not but real I am.

Welcome to my world

So I suppose I should start with hello, yeah that seems like the most appropriate greeting. If you haven’t already figured out by now my name is Molly Ann Hatch and I decided to name my blog MAH purely because I have always dreamt of having my own shoe/clothing line named MAH. I used to draw loads of different logos in in my planner (which I still have to this day) when I was at school, trying to figure out what I liked best and MAH kind of stuck. Anyway I’ve dabbled in a little bit of blogging in the past but life kind of took over and I suppose I just forgot about it, but I’m determined for it to stick now. So I bet you’re wondering what I’m going to write about… well anything really, I’m not a fashion or beauty guru by any means but I just want to express myself and share with you what I love (which is mainly shoes and food). Currently I’m at university and definitely feeling the blow that comes with it so unfortunately you won’t be seeing any lavish or luxurious things, just your average uni student, that’s me. So here it goes my blogging journey begins, join me if you like!


(My dog Chester photographed by my Mum)